Because of its rich heritage and place in guitar history, mahogany backs and sides can be heard on loads of old school recordings, and the inherent character of the tone lends itself well to blues and roots music to this day. For this reason, as with rosewood, it makes a great choice as a fretboard, although it isn’t as common. Modac X. Try this instead: It’s hard to dispute Koa’s beauty, but many woods come very close for much, much less.Australian Blackwood is, for all intents and purposes, identical on all points but price. The midrange is where it differs, however, with a healthy bark that puts it somewhere in between rosewood and mahogany. It certainly isn’t a cheap wood to get hold of which accounts for it generally only appearing on special or limited-edition guitars; Taylor are one of the few manufacturers that offer Koa on a wide range of models. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular choices for acoustic guitar tops: If there is such a thing as an industry standard top tone wood, then Spruce would have to tick that box. Hi, I am Cleaton. Your site is third on that list. Walnut is a popular alternative to koa; it’s often easier to source and work with, resulting in more common usage and a more affordable price tag. <