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What we can do for you?

AREXIM PACKAGING is the supplier of packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and household chemicals.

Since 1997 we have successfully been providing the high-quality solutions in the packaging industry. We have dealings with manufacturers from the USA, Asia and the EU. We supply more than 400 customers in Russia, the CIS countries and Poland with our packaging.

We provide a comprehensive service to our customers, creating for them new cosmetic lines from scratch. We also actively participate in the design and accomplishment of new packaging projects. We ensure that each product is original and stands out on the shelves of retailers.

Our highly-developed logistics services sector is a great asset to our company. The company guarantees the consistent delivery of merchandise from Warsaw to Moscow, as well as the storage of merchandise in our warehouses in Warsaw and Moscow.

We have our own Quality Control Laboratory, which increases the confidence of our customers in terms of the safe delivery and the superior quality of the packaging we provide to them.

The AREXIM PACKAGING portfolio includes a wide selection of products (over 3000 types of packaging), which is constantly being augmented. That enables our clients to save their time and money because they are assured of finding everything here that they are looking for. Thanks to our close long-term cooperation with our customers, as well as with the manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other products, we provide access to the Eastern markets, and to Russia in particular, for our Western partners.

A comprehensive approach to the needs of our customers is the priority of the AREXIM PACKAGING Company. Thanks to our professionalism, our reliable partnership and high-quality products and services, we have gained the trust of our partners. And the products in our packaging have been assessed in numerous exhibitions and have won many awards in the category "The Best Product".