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Cold-stamping is a printing technique based on the application of the decorative layer of foil on the material with the use of special glue that is hardened with UV radiation. Such glue is applied on two ways: with flexographic or offset method. When the overprinted glue is pressed to the glue layer of foil, then the pigment is detached from the support layer.

In comparison to hot-stamping, cold-stamping is cheaper and provides better elasticity of production. This method of enrichment with foil is also faster - about 60-120m/min and enables to print the tonal transitions. A great benefit of cold-stamping is the possibility to print with ink and enrich the print with foil in one line.

The cold-stamping technique is useful when it comes to decoration of materials that are sensitive to the influence of high temperatures. It is used to enrich the print, mark and protect the products, e.g. with holographic foils.

The technology of cold foil embossment is used mainly in the branch of cosmetic packaging, but also in case of high-proof alcohol.